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Planning, funding, opening and managing indoor and outdoor sports complexes has become a sophisticated endeavor. Even with local knowledge and the ability to organize programs and events, the financing of a new sports complex requires independent verification, feasibility studies, and strategies to support community and owner objectives. Preparing formal financing documents is a specialization that requires comparative market analysis, insight into current day comparable facility operations, and proven management experience. Sports Facilities Advisory’s facility planning and funding services equip our clients with all of these necessary resources. (Translation: We increase the likelihood of turning your vision into reality.) As advisors to a wide range of public, private, and public-private partnerships; SFA offers feasibility studies, market studies, facility “right-sizing” to market conditions, and business model strategy services to optimize the revenue and programmatic options for a new or existing sports complex. The planning process with SFA begins with a focus on your definition of success. We facilitate strategy and planning sessions, study market demand, and bring our significant experience to projects. For most operators, including the most experienced sports venue professionals, SFA and SFM offer a refreshing, down to earth, and proven approach. Once funded, clients have the option to utilize SFM’s facility opening and management advisory or full-time sports facility management services. Our opening services provide a structured and date-driven approach to construction oversight, vendor selection and negotiations, management and operating systems, document templates, staff recruitment and training, and proven marketing action plans to support an on-time opening with the pre-bookings needed to achieve year one forecasts. Our sports complex management services include management advisory services and full-time, day-to-day operations where we staff and take responsibility for daily operations. Management advisory services provide your team with coaching and expertise. There is more to learn about our indoor and outdoor sports complex services in the pages of this site. If you are ready to speak with one of our indoor and outdoor sports facility advisors, call or email us today.
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