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Financial Institutions

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Lending and equity institutions have come to rely on Sports Facilities Advisory as a voice of reason and a credible source for reliable real world data. SFA offers consulting services, research, feasibility analysis, interim management, and business planning for new and existing developments.

SFA’s sister firm, Sports Facilities Management provides a number of different sports facility management services; turnaround services and interim management for sports complexes marketing facilities for sale, and advising existing teams.

Financing sources rely on SFA & SFM sports facility management services because our projections are based on market extensive research and the current day performance of comparable centers. Because we operate a wide range of sports facilities, our data and forecasting models blend market characteristics, competition, demographics, and program evaluation with our experience in real-world operations; this allows us to be conservative. In many cases, SFM is engaged to manage assets after we have forecasted performance … this creates a direct accountability to the forecasts we produce.

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