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Choosing a Location for Your Sports Complex


Determining a location for your sports complex is vital to your success. Discover how to best accomplish this here.

Choosing a location for your sports complex is one of the most important things – if not THE most important thing – you’ll do for your complex’s success. And while there are many factors you’ll need to take into account in order to thrive, there are none bigger than affordability and the convenience of your location. Below, Sports Facilities Advisory provides specific details on ways you can achieve these goals.

Finish Your Plan

Like any big business move, you should have a thorough and detailed plan in place before making any big decisions. First, you’ll want to create a mission/decide what the objective is (in this case it’s choosing a location for your sports complex). Next, you should identify what kinds of products and services you will offer, and who your target customer will be. Then, it’s the competition and money. Identify who your competition is, and detail how you will make money. While you won’t have specific information yet (especially monetary figures that pertain to the sports complex), use researched, and estimated numbers to ballpark figures that you can shoot for.

Cost of Space

The cost of space is absolutely vital to your sports complex’s success. While you want to have a nice space to call your own, you also want to be realistic, as choosing a space that strains you on a monthly basis can become a burden financially (especially during the initial months where you may not be turning that much of a profit).

Choose an Area of Town

You want to choose a location for your sports complex based on a few things – chiefly among them being the location of your competitors and areas of town that are popular for your target customer. Once you’ve mapped out these areas, you’ll likely have a small list of possible locations. Go ahead and visit each location to get a better feel for the area, and highlight the ones you could realistically see yourself at.
Additionally, you should keep in mind that picking a location for your sports complex is a permanent decision. If you become unhappy with where you’re at, or things begin to take a turn for the worse, it’s not as though you can pick up shop and move across town. Spend some time evaluating the pros and cons of each location before making a decision.

Look for an Actual Building

Identify the difference between how much space you want and how much space you need, and then focus on the latter. To properly determine the amount of space you’ll need, highlight all the things you want to implement in your sports complex. Then see if you can use the same space for multiple purposes. Doing so will allow you to properly evaluate how much space you actually need, while still being able to provide the services you want to offer.

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Sports Complex Location

Choosing a location for your sports complex can be an overwhelming task. However, by following the tips and guidelines laid out above, you should be well on your way to identifying the right space in order to thrive.
Continue to browse our website for more information on picking a location for your sports complex or sports facilities, or contact us to discuss any other questions you have regarding facility planning. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have!

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