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Building Hype in the Months Before Your Sports Complex Opens

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No matter how long you have been preparing, opening a new sports complex can be nerve-wracking. Even with a new state-of-the-art sports facility, you may have problems with attendance if you don’t build hype before your launch. Luckily, you can partner with the expert team at Sports Facilities Advisory, and we can help you build excitement around your new sports complex. Here are a few ways that you can help ensure a strong start at your sports complex.

Start a Countdown

One of the most effective ways to create anticipation online is with a simple countdown. This is especially effective with a sports complex. There is little chance that a majority of people in your area will be oblivious to a large undertaking like a sports complex. The curious will visit your site and see your countdown. This serves two purposes: it acts as a reminder about your opening date and helps to build anticipation among your audience. While this may seem like a simple step, you would be surprised by how effective it can be!

Share Sneak Peeks on Social Media

Providing behind-the-scenes updates and sneak peeks of your sports complex is an effective way to help create anticipation. Doing this on on your social media accounts serves several purposes. First, you can build hype around your chosen features and amenities. If the basketball court for your complex is ready to go, give your future visitors a taste with a close-up shot of the hardwood. Secondly, sharing on your social media accounts creates more engagement for your business, allowing you to create a personable voice around your brand before your doors even open.

Blog About Progress and What You Will Offer

There is a reason that nearly every successful business has a blog. It’s a great way to communicate and stay engaged with your audience. A blog also gives you an opportunity to share the benefits of your sports complex with the community. What will you offer? What makes your facility special? How far along in the opening process are you? Keep your audience engaged and anticipating your opening day, so you can reap the rewards down the road.

Partner with Sports Facilities Advisory Today

If you are in need of a team to take your pre-opening marketing efforts to the next level — look no further than SFA. We have helped dozens of large-scale sports complex openings go above and beyond expectations. Contact our team today at 727-474-3845 to learn more!

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