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How to Build an Excellent Playground at Your Recreation Center

Building a Playground at Your Recreation Center

Children enjoying playground at recreation center.
A playground can be an excellent feature to attract the community to your recreation center. A playground raises the local property value substantially and gives families a place where their children can get active. Now that you have decided to build a playground at your recreation center, you may be wondering exactly how to finish the job. Today, Sports Facility Management offers a step-by-step process for making sure your playground gets completed in a timely, affordable fashion.

Get Feedback From the Community

As you are building your playground in order to attract community members to your recreation center, it is important to find out exactly what is important to the families in your community. Open forums on social media and targeted phone calls provide you the opportunity to receive important feedback regarding what kind of amenities will attract families.

Consult the Professionals

After you determine your project’s objectives, consulting with a professional can help you develop a building plan as well as funding. The experts at Sports Facility Management can help you nail down the details regarding your playground and get the building process in motion.

Set Your Budget and Fundraise

Many recreation centers are publicly funded by their municipalities, so finding the funding needed to build a quality playground can be difficult without outside assistance. Luckily, community improvement is an excellent goal for local fundraising. Many families and local businesses will be more than happy to help fund an improvement to the local recreation center, especially when you inform them of the substantial property value increase that comes with having a local playground.

Hire Contractors to Build or Install Equipment

Once you have sufficient funding for your playground, it is time to choose a playground manufacturer to design your equipment. Factors to consider when choosing a contractor include quality of products, price, delivery time, and reputation. Selecting the right contractor for the job can be a time-consuming process, but is key to the creation of a playground you will be happy with.

Celebrate the Opening

After the installation and building of your playground, the only thing left to do is to get people to visit with targeted marketing. Celebrate a grand opening by inviting local members, officials, and media members to your grand opening. Your celebration will drive more people to your recreation center and help spread the news of the good your recreation center is doing for the community.

Interested in Building a Playground at Your Recreation Center?

Contact SFM today to learn how our experts can get your project from plan to playground. We have helped hundreds of sports facilities reach their goals through expert knowledge of all that goes into project management. Contact us today at 727.877.1791 to learn more!

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