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4 Ways to Improve Profits at Your ​Sports Complex


Looking for ways to grow profits at your sports complex? Here’s how.

From feasibility studies to the opening of a new sports complex, Sports Facilities Advisory is here to help you along every step of the way. One of the ways in which we help our clients achieve success when opening and maintaining a sports complex is by assisting with profit growth.
Each and every sports complex is different, whether you operate a large chain or a small business. There are some similarities, however, which will allow you to follow along with our list of ways to improve profits – no matter the size or style of your sports facility.

1. Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Everybody has a gift, so use yours and don’t try to stretch yourself out on too many side projects. One of the biggest mistakes we see business owners make here at Sports Facilities Advisory, is trying to do everything for themselves. If you have a gift in sales, stick to the sales department, if you are better as a trainer, get involved with your clients. The rest of the work can be delegated to staff members or a sports facility management team.

2. Create Clear Sales Goals At Your Sports Complex

You may have an idea of how many new clients need to come in each week to keep your sports complex afloat, but if your staff isn’t aware of this, you could have a problem. Setting clear sales goals helps you and your team stay on track and reach goals on time. One of the best ways to market your brand and maintain a constant flow of newcomers is to reach out to possible contacts who have shown interest in your sports complex or who have come for a trial session and not yet returned. Assign these accounts to individuals on your team and let them know what is expected of them as a daily or weekly average for contacting potential new clients.

3. Create A Steady Revenue Source

Selling private sessions, special classes, boot camps, and workout gear is a great way to earn some extra cash on the side, but don’t forget about maintaining a steady stream of income that your sports complex can count on. Monthly membership fees, guest passes and other regularly charged costs are a great foundation for a fitness complex. After this, additional classes and sessions can help increase sales exponentially. Remember, without a good foundation, any structure will crumble.

4. Partner With Other Vendors

A great way to increase the numbers at your sports complex is to bring in more clientele through a third party. Having a connection with vendors means that you are being sent new customers on a consistent basis, without the need for overpriced advertising. Partnering with a company or business that works closely with yours can be highly lucrative for both parties.
If you would like to talk with someone about growing profits at your sports complex or regarding other aspects of sports facility management, give Sports Facilities Advisory and Sports Facilities Management a call today.

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