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Sports Facilities Management Tips: Keeping Your Water Park Safe

This Water Park Needs Sports Facilities Management

Water Park Safety Tips for Sports Facilities Management Teams

Nothing beats enjoying a water park in the heat of summer. If you own a popular water park, then you will have guests streaming into your water recreation center all day for months. With so many people coming and going, there is the unfortunate likelihood of someone getting injured. Injuries happen in all water parks, sports complexes, and recreation centers. They are at times unavoidable, but a great sports facilities management team can reduce the likelihood that they will occur.


Water slides are the number one cause of injury at a water park. Your sports facilities management team should make slides a number one maintenance priority for this reason. Both faulty equipment and low water levels can cause injuries. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule dedicated to the upkeep of your water slides will go a long way to keeping visitors safe.

Clearly Post Warnings

Clearly demarcate both the deep and shallow ends of pools, clearly warn of the dangers of the wave pools, and regularly post the safety protocols you expect guests to follow. These signs not only help your guests avoid injuring themselves, but also show that you care about their wellbeing. In the case of a lawsuit, these signs will show that you had guests’ safety in mind, and did what you could to reasonably prevent serious injuries from occurring.

Invest in Training

At Sports Facilities Management, we know that sometimes an outside perspective brings clarity to a situation. If not for this fact, we might not have a job. This also holds true in terms of training.
If you invest in training from an outside company that specializes in training water park employees, you ensure your new hires get the best training available. You also reduce your own liability in the case of a lawsuit.

Supervise Operations Regularly

Not all employees will remember or care enough to implement their training perfectly, but you can deter poor behavior by regularly monitoring performance. Have members of your sports facilities management team make rounds the rounds a few times a week. Encourage employees who do a great job and show less well-performing employees how to improve their safety practices. This will help keep your water park running at its safest.

Listen to Guests

Half the of Sports Facilities Management’s job is listening to our clients. When it comes to safety at your water park, your role is no different. Listen when your guests complain about specific areas of the park or certain employees. Follow up on these complaints and find ways to solve any problems before more serious issues occur.
Also, make sure to interview any bystanders who saw an injury take place. They may give you a better idea of how that injury could have been better prevented by either new equipment, one of your staff members, or by the injured guest.

Sports Facilities Management Can Keep Your Water Park Safe

If you want a safe water park, then you need only to look to Sports Facilities Management. We have gained experience running large sports complexes all across the country for many years. We know the ins and outs of keeping guests safe and comfortable, and we can pass these strategies on to you. Form a partnership with us by contacting Sports Facilities Management today.

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