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Should You Add an Extreme Obstacle Course to Your Recreation Center?

Recreation Center Obstacle Course

Benefits & Drawbacks to Recreation Center Obstacle Courses

People know what to expect from your average recreation center. They know they will find a workout room full of dumbbells, squat machines, row machines, benches and other weight lifting equipment. They know they will receive access to a multi-use gym for volleyball and basketball. If they are lucky, they will find a racquetball court, a table tennis table, or maybe an indoor soccer field. What really impresses (or entices) a first-time guest to your recreation center, however, is an extreme obstacle course.


People Love to Push Themselves

Over the last twenty years, popular culture has proven how much people like to test their limits. Shows like Fear Factor, Ninja Warrior, events like Tough Mudder, and more have capitalized on people’s desire to push themselves to the limit.
Your extreme (or not so extreme) obstacle course neither needs to or should it push people to the limits these shows do or major events do. Adding a few exciting and daring options to your recreation center, however, will increase your appeal to people outside your typical demographic, while also giving your longtime members something new to add to their exercise routine.

Extreme Teamwork Brings People Together

You have nearly endless options with your recreation center’s extreme obstacle course. Many of these courses allow for great teamwork and teambuilding opportunities. When people work together, they form stronger bonds. These bonds, in turn, incentivize people to return to your recreation center because their friends are there, too.


Injuries Can Happen

We like to think injuries will not happen at our sports complexes and rec centers, but when people get together and exercise rigorously, accidents and injuries inevitably occur. Adding an extreme obstacle challenge to the mix can increase the likelihood of injury.

Added Maintenance

With the added risk of injury comes an increase in maintenance responsibilities. There are a lot of components to keep track of, and they absolutely must be in the best condition for the safety of your guests. You will need to make sure harnesses can handle the weight of your guests, and you must make sure you replace obstacles when they start to show signs of wear.

Is an Obstacle Course Right for Your Recreation Center?

The answer depends on your overhead, the demographic makeup of your community, and how much of a risk you want to take. Sports Facilities Management has the experience and know-how to assess your situation and determine if an obstacle course would be more of a burden or a blessing. You can contact Sports Facilities Management online.

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