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How to Maintain Your Recreation Center Long After Opening

Sports Facilities Management Suggests You Know Your Contractors

Keeping Up With Maintenance on Your Recreation Center

No one wants to visit an outdated, dirty, or rundown recreation center. Your sports facilities management team should see to it that your center never takes on a worn and torn look that will alienate athletes or guests from your facility.
Upkeep can be much more difficult than it may sound at first because recreation centers are high traffic areas. Both a public space and a place for people to work up a sweat and play a little rough, your rec center will take on damage quicker than almost any other type of business.
For this reason, you need to stay ahead of the curve and take preventative measures from the start.

Set Aside a Budget for Maintenance

We all know wear and tear will occur, especially when operating a place where people spend their entire day lifting weights, running, throwing balls, and generally exerting themselves in energetic ways. With this in mind, you should budget for maintenance before you even open your recreation center. Maintenance is a recurring cost, and you should treat it like one by setting aside budget for it each year.

Take Note of the Time and Cost of Repair

If you replace a carpet in a heavy traffic area after one year, take note of this and expect to replace it again the same time next year. Meticulously catalog when different aspects of your center begin to show visible wear and how long it takes before you must actually replace them. Also, take note of the cost of replacing them.

Keep Contractor Info Handy

You should keep track of who did what for you. Knowing the electrician who wired your recreation center will save you time and money when you need an electrician in the future. The contractor who did the job the first time will have an easier time understanding the problem and fixing it than someone new. Taking a bit of time to stay organized will save you money and hassle in the long run.

Prepare for the Worst

If you have ever worked in the recreation industry, you know just how reckless athletes can be. A savvy sports facilities management team will plan and prepare for this by buying only the sturdiest, high-quality equipment. Small things like higher light fixtures, carpet raised a few inches up the wall, and paint that hides scuff marks will keep your recreation center looking better for longer.

Keep Your Recreation Center Looking New with SFM

At Sports Facilities Management, we have years of experience managing recreation centers and sports complexes all across the country. We can help you keep your center looking new and welcoming to guests for years to come. Contact Sports Facilities Management today to see what we can do for you.

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