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Amber Brock

Amber Brock

Amber Brock

Amber is a rising professional within Human Resources who brings to the table five years of experience in customer service, staff training, and recruitment. With her adept problem-solving skills, she has previously demonstrated her mastery in training, communications, and talent acquisition across several different industries. Serving as the Human Resources Coordinator at The Sports Facilities Companies, Amber utilizes her extensive background in customer service coupled with her ambition and passion for helping others.

In her role as the Human Resources Coordinator, Amber plays a pivotal part in propelling the growth strategies of The Sports Facilities Companies’ Human Resources department. Some of her duties include the gathering and management of employee data, as well as an active role in the hiring and training of new personnel. Amber meticulously crafts comprehensive job templates, which play a key role in identifying great candidates for our support center and SF Network venues. Her contributions reflect the company’s expertise, experience, and community-focused approach, all while fostering a positive economic impact through data-driven insights.

Throughout her career, Amber has been a key player in numerous system conversions across a variety of industries. Her ability to collaborate on complex project rollouts has helped to increase efficiency and performance for organizations. Through the integration of new technologies, Amber has been pivotal in introducing modern platforms in the workplace, significantly improving operational effectiveness. This achievement highlights her versatility and positive impact across multiple sectors.


  • Florida State College at Jacksonville – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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