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Strange But Interesting Activities Your Recreation Center Can Host

Golden snitch from quidditch

Strange But Interesting Activities to Host at Your Recreation Center

Just because you are starting a sports facility does not mean that you have to host basketball, football, or baseball. Lots of recreation centers and sports facilities host some unique activities you probably wouldn’t think of at first.
Finding a particular niche that attracts a loyal following can be a very successful business venture. Today, Sports Facilities Management will discuss some fun and interesting activities you should think about hosting at your recreation center.

Unique Activities For Your Recreation Center


If you aren’t a fan of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, this may game may be a mystery to you. If so, here is a primer: Quidditch is a game between two teams of seven players. The positions include chasers, of which there are three. Their job is to try to score by throwing a ball through a hoop (of which there are six total). These hoops are guarded by a keeper. There are two beaters per team whose sole job is to hit the chasers with ‘bludgers’, a second type of ball, to put them out of play for a period of time. Finally, each team has a seeker, whose job is to catch the snitch, who in our version of the sport, acts as a referee.
All the while, players must carry a broomstick between their legs. In practice it plays as a mix between basketball and rugby, with players throwing balls in a hoop with full contact. Quidditch is generally a very chaotic but incredibly fun activity. With Harry Potter’s immense and enduring popularity you may be surprised by the number of people who will be interested in giving Quidditch a shot.

Ultimate Frisbee

Similar to American football, ultimate frisbee is a fast-paced sport played with a frisbee instead of a pigskin. It is much more beginner-friendly than football in that it is non-contact. With seven players on each team, it is relatively easy to get a game going. The game begins with both teams lining up at their respective endzones. The defense throws the disc to the offense.
The offense then attempts to throw and catch the frisbee, however, players are not allowed to run with the disc. So any movement requires you to throw the frisbee to a teammate. Points are scored each time a pass is completed in the end zone. If a pass is not completed possession switches to the other team. If your recreation center has the space to place an ultimate frisbee field, you are guaranteed to find players willing to use it regularly.

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