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How An FEC Can Generate Revenue For Your Community Center

How An FEC Can Generate Revenue For A Community Center

While it might seem like a dirty term for community centers that are built to serve their community, generating revenue is still the name of the game. The purpose of a community center is to serve the community, but without the proper revenue streams, that simply isn’t possible. One way that recreation centers have been generating revenue of late has been through family entertainment centers (FEC). Today, Sports Facilities Advisory wants to take a look at FECs and see if this is a viable way for your community center to generate revenue.

Better Attractions

The most obvious reason why an FEC will generate revenue better than other options is because they simply offer better attractions. Compared to your average community pool or playground, a family entertainment center will feature things like rock climbing, mini golf, or ropes courses.
Essentially, an FEC is a miniature amusement park and if you live in a smaller community, that will be a huge draw. If you offer better attractions than other local centers, your community center is much more likely to generate revenue.

Easier To Monetize

Not only will these attractions draw people more than your average community center attraction, but they are also easier to monetize. For most community centers, an aquatic center, basketball court, or weight lifting gym will drive the most revenue.
While there are things like year-long memberships that can make these very profitable, a lot of the revenue generated by these attractions come from individual passes or day passes. These passes typically cost no more the $5-10. An FEC constitutes a bigger entry fee or admissions charge, which will, in turn, bring in more money.
And the best part is that you will likely see an increase in attendance with an FEC. While normal attractions are cheaper, they also don’t draw people like an FEC can.

Helpful To Parents

Parents are always looking for activities to do with their children. In smaller communities, that can be difficult. If your community center were to build an FEC, however, parents would have a better place to take their young children. Even things like an arcade or laser tag can be helpful to parents with kids in school who have nowhere to go after school while their parents are still at work.

Contact Sports Facilities Advisory For More Community Center Tips

If you are developing or running a community center and are looking for ways to generate revenue, Sports Facilities Advisory thinks that an FEC might be the solution. For more information or tips, get in touch with us at (727) 474-3845 or contact us online today.

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