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Strange But Interesting Activities Your Recreation Center Can Host

Golden snitch from quidditch

Strange But Interesting Activities to Host at Your Recreation Center Just because you are starting a sports facility does not mean that you have to host basketball, football, or baseball. Lots of recreation centers and sports facilities host some unique activities you probably wouldn’t think of at first. Finding a particular niche that attracts a […]

How An FEC Can Generate Revenue For Your Community Center

How An FEC Can Generate Revenue For A Community Center While it might seem like a dirty term for community centers that are built to serve their community, generating revenue is still the name of the game. The purpose of a community center is to serve the community, but without the proper revenue streams, that […]

The 1,000 Point Sports Facility Checklist

The Sports Facility Checklist The development phase which occurs after your project is funded, but prior to the grand opening, is a hectic time for every new facility owner. At any given moment, there are decisions to be made about paint colors, construction delays, last-minute design changes, and budget concerns. Our team at SFM has […]

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