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The Definitive Guide to Sports Tourism

Sports tourism means so much to so many people. It’s Saturday nights in Death Valley when LSU takes on Alabama. It’s also the Summer Baseball Tournament for young, elite players at Ballparks of America. It’s traveling across Brazil for World Cup and it’s traveling to Disney to participate in your first triathlon. And to the communities hosting these events, its big business. 

According to Sports ETA, sports tourism accounted for $45 Billion in spending in 2019 and is already leading the charge to economic recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Cities everywhere are focused on ways to both build their national and regional brands and drive revenue and economic impact. So it’s no surprise that many are looking to sports tourism to spur positive growth. But where to start?

Below is a list a resources that we’ve compiled that cover all aspects of sports tourism. It’s our hope that it will guide your journey towards the community-defining benefits of the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry. 

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