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Do you own any multi-use sports facilities, or are you thinking of designing and developing one?
Planning multi-use sports facilities is more challenging than designing single-use sports complexes. But the challenges are worthwhile. Multi-use spaces will optimize your sports facilities’ spaces. Having flexible spaces will help you attract more members to your facility. The more sporting options you can offer, the more you will be able to accommodate your member’s athletic and exercise interests.

Identify What Already Exists

If you are trying to repurpose a facility you already have, do a thorough scan of your spaces, both indoors and out. Identify any potential areas that would work as multi-use spaces. Take measurements and gauge whether or not you have the space for specific sports or activities.

Evaluate the Structure of Your Existing Building

Make sure that your proposed building can withstand the wear and tear common in sports facilities. The walls and ceilings of your building must be structurally sound to manage the weight of equipment and athletic play. Similarly, evaluate floor construction to make sure it is strong enough for the requirements of multiple sports.

Evaluate the Internal Space Of Your Building

Consideration must be given to the sizes of courts sharing the same space. For example, if you intend on using the same space for both your basketball and volleyball activities, you need to make sure that the space can accommodate both. Check that the ceiling, wall, and floor space can accommodate all needed equipment.
Make sure that there are established “clear zones” above and around the perimeter of the playing surfaces in your sports facilities. Remember, members’ comfort and safety comes first.
If you are in a position of planning a new building, be sure to design rooms with adequate flexibility. For example, have movable room dividers installed in some areas as opposed to having all fixed walls. If you are working with an existing facility and it is in your budget, you can also do this.

Conversion Time Considerations for Multi-use Sports Facilities

The time it takes to convert a space from one sport to another needs to be determined so that events can proceed smoothly. You don’t want members’ schedules being affected by delays in conversion time.
One option for managing equipment for two or more sports is using portable equipment. The downside of this choice is the time it takes to set up and take down the equipment. In addition, you need storage space for when the equipment is not in use.

Scheduling Systems for Sports Facilities

Make sure your sports facility has a sophisticated scheduling system to minimize downtime. You want to keep activities moving along without delays. A sure way to lose members is by keeping them waiting to use the facility.

Need Help With Your Multi-Use Sports Facility Planning?

By following the above tips you will have a great start on making your multi-use sports facility a success. In addition, The Sports Facilities Advisory staff is available to help you in your planning and implementation.  Please call us at (727) 474-3845 or visit our website today.

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