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Common Innovations in Your Modern Fitness Recreation Center


Recreation Center Innovations

The future of fitness will likely look very different from today’s standards, and Sports Facilities Advisory is looking ahead. New equipment and new societal interests will reshape the look and usability of recreation centers and sports complexes in the near future. We plan to stay one step ahead of the game in regards to incorporating the latest features into modern recreation centers.

The Future of Exercise And Your Recreation Center

In terms of exercise, a new concept, known as functional fitness, is gaining credibility. Rather than asking athletes to focus on strengthening specific areas of their bodies, functional fitness encourages exercisers to think about training their bodies for life. This regiment focuses on providing recreation center members with exercises that will enhance their ability to perform day-to-day activities.
The future is also moving toward a culture of inclusiveness, and members want their recreation centers and equipment to be more easily accessible for those with physical disabilities.

Equipment And Your Recreation Center

The latest exercise equipment is now on networked systems. Management and staff can easily monitor the equipment from their computer. The technology allows you to see which of your treadmills or ellipticals or other equipment is functioning improperly, and this network offers you the ability to assess and fix the issue before the equipment breaks. Energy efficient designs for exercise equipment are becoming more and more common, too. Recreation Center members will soon power the equipment with their exercise, lowering the cost of your electric bill and conserving energy.

Member Enhancements And Your Recreation Center

This same technology now allows for personalized workout tracking.  Members can log into exercise equipment to save and access workouts. Do your members want to count their calories, change workout preferences, and keep track of past workouts? All of this can now be done with new, high-tech equipment. You can now expand entertainment options for your recreation center members as well. Let them personalize movie and TV show streaming while they exercise.

Green Recreation Centers

Sport facility planners are upgrading current facilities and building new ones with green technologies. Choosing recycled products and installing energy efficient appliances and equipment exemplify this cultural push for sustainability. Positive outcomes of these efforts include creating a smaller consumption footprint and reducing energy usage and management costs

Facility Trends And Your Recreation Center

Although multi-purpose rooms are not a new idea, most sports complexes benefit from the efficiency such rooms offer. For example, swimming pools you can heat and cool quickly facilitate a quicker switch from warm-water aerobics classes to cool-water competitive swim meets.
Outside activities are also growing in popularity. Of course, weather conditions need to be considered for this to be successful. To incorporate a multi-purpose area outdoors, we can design basketball courts that also function as tennis courts or volleyball courts.

Need Help In Modernizing Your Recreation Center or Sports Facility Complex?

The Sports Facilities Advisory professional staff is here to help you. Please call us at (727) 474-3845 or visit our website today.

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