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Football Season: Ways to Increase Sports Tourism

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Increase Sports Tourism At Your Football Venue

It’s no secret that the sports tourism industry is huge and only getting bigger. One of the biggest sports tourism seasons in the United States is football season. To properly capitalize on this, you need to make sure your football venue is operating at top efficiency. There are various ways you can increase tourism to your venue.

Sports Tourism: Some Best Practices

Here at Sports Facilities Advisory, we specialize in optimizing a venue to draw sports tourism. In order to do this, there are some crucial steps to take.

Take Pride in Your Venue

This piece of advice may seem extremely obvious, but without this step, you may as well not even bother. When people travel to visit a sports venue, they expect it to be well taken care of. A football venue should have perfectly manicured lawns or turf, clean and bright yard lines, and spotless seats or bleachers.  Make sure your venue is somewhere people will want to watch a football game for several hours.

Fan Experience

A staple of football season is tailgating. Whether you have somewhere designated for it or not, people will find a place to tailgate. The best way to regulate this and create a great experience for fans and visitors alike is to have a fan zone. A designated area for tailgating is an awesome way to welcome sports tourism into your venue. In addition to the experience factor, this is a great place to set up kiosks and concessions to drive up pre-game sales.


One of the coolest ways to involve people with your venue is through social media. Social media is a fantastic way to increase sports tourism. You can post about special ticket prices, game schedules, event days, and anything that your social media base might find interesting. This gives people a sense of attachment to your venue. No matter where they are, they can see updates on their phone or computer every day about the newest things happening at your venue.


No one wants to return to a football venue that has rude and unhelpful staff. Your level of sports tourism lives and dies with your staff and management. When someone travels to your venue, you want them to feel at home. Having an extremely helpful staff is crucial in this. If someone is unfamiliar with your venue, or it’s their first time, make sure your staff is trained to help them to the best of their abilities. This will almost certainly bring return customers, as they won’t feel unwelcome or uncomfortable visiting your venue in the future.

Sports Facilities Advisory Can Optimize Your Football Venue

Sports Facilities Advisory specializes in helping you increase sports tourism at your venue. We know exactly what strategies and plans need to be utilized for both new and existing venues. If you want your visitors to have a great time on game day, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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