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Indoor Sports Facilities: Are They Worth The Cost?

Are Specialized Indoor Sports Facilities Worth The Cost

Young soccer players at an indoor sports facility
When you have the right visionaries and the right community behind a sports facility, it is very rare to see that facility fail. It takes funding and sometimes taxpayer money, but it is worth it for the community and almost always pays itself off. However, when it comes to more specialized indoor sports facilities, the cost is greater and the community reach lessens.
So are these indoor sports facilities worth the cost? In today’s blog post, SFM will look at the issue and try to determine when indoor sports facilities should be considered for a community.

Why Are Specialized Indoor Facilities More Expensive?

First, it’s important to clarify what we mean by specialized indoor sports facilities. Most sports facilities, and even most facilities that were designed or are managed by SFM, are commonly known as recreation centers. This obviously varies, but most facilities fall under this umbrella, whether they be community centers or city swimming pools.
However, SFM is also involved with more specialized facilities that focus on a few or even just one sport, like volleyball or baseball. These are typically more expensive because you just won’t have the same number of customers as you will in other indoor sports facilities.

So Why Build A Specialized Indoor Sports Facility?

While you might not get as much volume with specialized indoor sports facilities, you will get a more dedicated base of clients in the right community. Let’s say that your city is known for its high school baseball. That means you have a high volume of serious baseball players. Anytime you have athletes that are committed to a single sport, they will want a facility that is also committed to a single sport.
In a community like that, you could build a specialized baseball facility. Even though you wouldn’t offer other community programs, you would be able to thrive because you have a bunch of baseball players looking for a facility to hit and practice.

Is An Indoor Facility Financially Feasible?

Again, this depends on your context. If you have a town that has a lot of athletes from a particular sport and they don’t have a facility to go to, they will be more dedicated when you provide them with one. They will also be more inclined to spend a little bit more money if you are providing a top-notch facility for them to practice at. If you have the market for the sport or sports you are looking to provide a facility for, the facility will make money.

Contact SFA and SFM For Answers

At SFA and SFM, we specialize in helping you build and manage your dream indoor sports facility. Our portfolio is diverse and it includes facilities that focus on single sports. For more information, give us a call at (727) 483-7910 or visit our website today.

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