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VR Gaming for Recreation Centers

Should You Offer VR Gaming In Your Recreation Center?

Recreation center VR gaming.
Video games are far from the niche pursuit they once were. Games are everywhere, from consoles and PCs to smartphones, and the games industry is continually innovating to bring new types of entertainment to consumers. If you are planning your recreation center, a video game arcade is still a great attraction for your customers.
But, even more so, offering virtual reality gaming is even better. VR games might have been a passing fad in the 90s, but technology has allowed companies to reinvent and revamp the experience. The Sports Facilities Advisory can help explain why VR gaming is a great choice for entertainment at your recreation center, and how you can get the most out of it.

How Virtual Reality Has Changed

For anyone who lived through the 1990s, virtual reality is mostly remembered as a passing fad that failed to capture the public’s imagination the way in which TV and movies depicted it would. Now, however, technology has allowed that to change. Manufacturers have been able to craft a much more involved, engaging and realistic experience, even on a budget. If you had written off virtual reality gaming for your recreation center based on your memories of failed VR console attempts in the past, it may be time to do some new research.

Be a Leader in Community Recreation

Virtual reality is still a fairly new experience to many people, and offering at as a form of recreation is an effective way to put you ahead of your competition. Despite the relative ease and cost-effectiveness offered by many creators of VR gaming experiences, recreation facilities have been slow to pick them up. Get ahead of the game, and your patron numbers will likely grow.

Address Health Concerns Up Front

Even with the improvements in VR technology, there are still health concerns that people have about it. The important thing for recreation providers is to address these health concerns up front. Do extensive research into potential health issues related to VR technology, talk to your supplier about it, and offer information freely and honestly with your customers. Make sure that your staff are also prepared to deal with questions and any potential risks.

How VR Can Help You Plan and Design Your Center

Virtual reality is not just for video games. One of the reasons why VR technology has made a comeback is through industrial applications. Many architectural designers both use and offer their customer virtual reality tours of potential layouts for projects. This can be an extremely helpful factor when you are planning the basics of your recreation center. Even if you do not plan to offer it as an attraction, consider using it as part of your design process.

Professional Recreation Center Planning

If you are in need of professional guidance for recreation center development, contact our facility planning team today. The Sports Facilities Advisory has extensive experience in facility planning and development and can help you reach your ultimate goal in opening your recreation or sports complex.

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