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Finding the Right Sports Complex Vending Options

The Challenge of Vending Machines in a Sports Complex

Vending machine in a sports complex.
Nutrition has become more and more of a concern for the public and many sports complexes, recreation centers, and public spaces have had to rethink the kind of quick-access snack food options that they offer. This is important not only because your sports complex will be catering to people who are enthusiastic about their fitness, but it shows your general awareness of public health concerns to a wider user base.
If you are struggling with the idea of healthier dietary options in vending machines for your sports complex, the Sports Facilities Advisory can help. Find out more about why easily available, healthy snacks matter for your sports facility in this blog.

Changing Trends in Public Health

Most of us are well aware of the changes in public perception of healthy eating, and the emphasis on cutting out or reducing junk food. Even so, plenty of sports complexes and recreation facilities still offer soda, candy and other types of less-than-healthy snack options for patrons.
While there is nothing inherently wrong with offering these things, more and more facilities are shifting the focus to vending machines that provide healthy alternatives. Businesses have emerged in recent years that focus on providing and stocking vending machines entirely filled with healthier snack foods and drinks.

Schools Changing Diets

One place you can look to see the trend towards offering healthier snacks is in schools. While not a universal trend, many schools are ditching vending machines filled with typical sodas and candy for lower-calorie, lower-sugar options.
Despite the well-meaning intent behind this move, many schools also experienced a backlash from both parents and students as a result. Remember this when considering what options you want to offer at your sports complex. Many people still consider limiting their options as a form of dictating what they should eat, rather than simply offering a healthy alternative.

Keep Up To Date with Changes

The most important factor to remember here is keeping up with changing public perceptions of what constitutes a healthy diet. Providing a range of healthy snack foods might also involve providing gluten or dairy free options. While this might seem like an additional hassle, it can also bring in new patrons, either through appealing to those with food sensitivities or even just showing an awareness of it.
Remember, however, that you may want to consider still providing at least some more typical snacks, and just limiting options. It is important to still offer them to an extent, and allow your facility’s users to make their own decisions about their health.

Contact Us About Sports Complex Development

This is just one of many considerations you need to make in the planning and development of your sports complex. For more detailed, professional, standard-setting guidance, contact the Sports Facilities Advisory. We have helped countless facilities and recreation centers through planning and development, to opening and management. Your plan starts here.

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