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Keys to a Successful Indoor Golf Sports Center

An indoor golf sports center can be an incredibly successful business, especially if you are in a location that experiences poor weather in the winter. But if you have not started an indoor golf business before, you may be wondering exactly what it takes to become successful. Sports Facility Management has assisted dozens of sports-related businesses to help them succeed. Today, our team will discuss some important tips you should follow if you plan on opening an indoor golf sports center.

Technology is Key

The majority of indoor golf sports centers revolve around technology and training tools that an outdoor center can’t provide. Golf simulators allow golfers to get a round of play in regardless of the weather outside. In addition, many newer simulators give a level of play analysis that a round on a course cannot provide.
Picking the right simulator will have a huge impact on the experience of your visitors. As golf is generally a sport that attracts an older clientele, make sure your system is easy and intuitive. The better designed your simulators interface, the less time you will need to spend teaching each golfer to use your system.
Lastly, you will want a simulator in your sports center that offers good graphics, camera angles, weather options, and different game modes. Remember, this game is supposed to be fun — your simulator is key to ensuring your patrons return to your indoor golf sports center.

Decide on a Billing Model

There are generally two schools of thought regarding pricing for a golf simulator. The first model focuses on time spent on the simulator. You may charge your patrons for each half hour they spend golfing. This method ensures that no matter the pace of your golfers, they get to play as much as they can within their timeframe. However, this method does have potential drawbacks. If you have golfers looking to play 9 or 18 holes, they may find themselves out of time with only a few holes left. Having to purchase a full half hour for only a few holes can leave your visitors feeling they didn’t get a good value.
The second model is more akin to an actual golf course, with patrons paying for 9 or 18 holes. This ensures they get the full experience of playing a course, however, if you have limited simulators, you will won’t be able to serve as many patrons in a day.

Looking for More Indoor Golf Sports Center Tips?

Contact Sports Facility Management. Our team has helped dozens of sports-related businesses across the country move from the planning stage to success. Call one of our representatives today at 727-474-3845.

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