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Five FF&E Pieces That Will Improve Your Community Center

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Five FF&E Pieces You Need For Your Community Center

Community centers and recreation centers are often marked by their versatility and flexibility. In most cases, they don’t cover just one specific sport or activity, but offer a wide variety of programs and sports.
The FF&E needs of a community center or recreation center vary, depending on the facility itself. However, at Sports Facilities Advisory, we think there are at least five FF&E pieces that are absolutely necessary for your facility. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at those pieces.

1. Stadium Seating

This is typically one of the first FF&E priorities of a community center, as the centerpiece of many of these complexes is the basketball court. The basketball facilities at community centers are valuable because of their versatility. Having proper seating solutions will not only make parents of athletes happy, but it will also make the community happy when events are hosted in the gym.  

2. Recreational Equipment

Recreational equipment can mean many different things for each facility. For some, this means equipment for a pool. For others, it means basketballs and volleyballs. However, there are pieces of recreational equipment that fall into the FF&E category that can be utilized by all facilities, including pieces like pool tables and ping pong tables. These pieces can be used by the entire community and are cheap to acquire and maintain, making them an easy choice for your facility.

3. Locker Room Furniture

Often forgotten by facility managers, the locker room is a place where athletes need specific FF&E pieces to properly prepare for their games. This includes seating, storage, lockers, and more. For your facility, the extent to which you furnish your lockers rooms will vary. However, seating and storage are pieces that every single locker room in every facility will need.

4. Concessions

Community centers and recreation centers also need FF&E in their concession areas. If you don’t plan on having a full-service concessions area, you will still need vending machines and at the very least, a spot where people can buy sodas and snacks. If you do want a full-service stand, you will need coolers, microwave ovens, and grills, as well as ample food storage.

5. Play Areas

For your facility to reach all demographics, you have to make considerations for families with children. Having play areas throughout your facility is the best way to do this, but it carries some very specific FF&E requirements like padded flooring and obstacles.

Contact SFA For FF&E Help

If you run a community or recreation center and need help with FF&E, get in contact with SFA today. We can help you furnish your facility efficiently and effectively. For more information, give us a call at (727) 474-3845 or contact us online today.

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