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Four Custom Pieces That Can Improve Your Sports Complex Design

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Four Custom Furniture Pieces That Will Improve Your Sports Complex Design

Sports complex design is becoming increasingly important in today’s sports culture. As the talents of young athletes rise and the desire to play at a higher level rises even faster, having a sports facility that young athletes want to play in will be crucial to your business.
While there are many important factors to drawing in teams and players, from the quality of your courts or fields to the quality of officials calling the games, sports complex design can be something that puts you one step ahead of your competition. In today’s blog post, Sports Facilities Advisory will take a look at how custom furniture can give your facility an edge. Here are four custom furniture pieces that will improve your sports complex design.

1. Locker Room Furniture

All athletes love good on-court and on-field amenities and facilities. But by now, many of them are used to great amenities and facilities. A great way to put the sports complex design of your facility ahead of the competition is to go all out with your locker rooms, which can include custom furniture pieces like seating, kitchen utilities, and even the lockers themselves.
Nothing makes an athlete feel like a pro quite like a professional-style locker room. You can even have custom made nameplates for athletes so that they have their own lockers.

2. Lobby Seating

Your lobby will be most people’s first impression of your facility. Because of that, it is important that your lobby be well furnished, not only for guests’ comfort, but also for the sake of your sports complex design. Having custom seating, tables, and even light fixtures can set the tone for your facility, especially if it includes your logo and is consistent with your color scheme.
Lobby seating might not seem like a big deal, but for branding purposes, it will be the first impression that many people have at your facility. Having custom furniture that is trendy as well as consistent with your brand is key.

3. Recreation Pieces

If you run a community center rather than just a sports complex, then you likely have recreation pieces, such as pool tables or shuffleboard. Again, for athletes, little things like a custom pool table with the facility logo on it can go a long way towards making them love your facility more than the others. In fact, having some of these pieces in your locker rooms can benefit your sports complex design greatly.

4. On-Court Furniture

While little things are used to attract athletes, they won’t mean anything without a high-quality playing surface and amenities. Having the right on-court furniture pieces, like custom padded seating or a high-quality scorer’s table will not only have athletes coming back to your facility, but it will also benefit your sports complex design.

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Sports complex design is a major consideration for your facility if you want coaches and athletes participating in your tournaments and events. For more information on how you can improve your complex design, give us a call at (727) 474-3845 or contact us online today.

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