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FF&E Advice for Comfort vs Style

Advice for FF&E: Balancing Comfort and Style

FF&E - comfortable stylish furniture.
Furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) is an important part of your sports facility or recreation center. This is not just referring to the equipment and amenities that you plan to offer — it also refers to basics you might not even think about it. FF&E includes things like furniture in waiting areas, lobbies, or any other areas where users can relax between activities.
While it is understandable that this may not be at the top of your list during the planning stages, it is important that you think about it. One element of properly researching FF&E is the balance of comfort, cost, and appearance. Sports Facilities Advisory has some advice about FF&E and finding the right furniture for your facility.

Matching Your Overall Aesthetic

Any furniture that you choose for your location should match the facility’s overall aesthetic. This refers to more than just being the right color. The type of material and design you choose is also important. For example, if your facility has a clean, simple design, then any furniture you choose should reflect it with a basic, utilitarian design. Creating a cohesive look helps to build a specific atmosphere. Mismatched or clashing designs between the facilities, its amenities and the furniture you use will catch the attention of your users.

Quality and Comfort Are Important

Planning FF&E purchases is more than just picking the right look. Comfort is important. You can certainly save money buying cheaper furniture, but your facility users will notice. If they have nowhere to simply sit and relax, whatever other amenities they are using, you are more likely to lose out to better facilities in the area.

Staying in Your Budget

While you should certainly have a mind for quality and appearance when researching FF&E purchases, you should be careful to stay within your budget. Going too far below budget will mean you are skimping on comfort and quality, but going over budget is unnecessary. The people using your sports or recreation facility are there for a specific purpose.
Whether they are visiting the gym, training, swimming, playing tennis or soccer, the furniture is not their primary reason to be there. By and large, the furniture and additional seating you provide is going to be used in between sessions, or while patrons wait for teammates, friends or to speak to your staff. Think about that when balancing comfort and style with your budget.

Find More Guidance on FF&E

When it comes to planning and budgeting for the building and management of a sports complex or recreation center, Sports Facilities Advisory has the professional experience you need. We have helped countless clients plan and successful open sports centers that just began as a vision. We can help you research, plan and prepare for opening your venue. Contact Sports Facilities Advisory today.

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