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Why a Bocce Court Could Be Perfect For Your Recreation Center

Bocce ball court at recreation center

How and Why to Build a Bocce Court at Your Recreation Center

Bocce ball is one of those niche sports that many of us have heard of but haven’t gotten the chance to actually try out. If you have been exposed to bocce ball you may have realized what a fun and physically inclusive game it is. There is no need to be the strongest or the fastest bocce ball player and both men and women can compete at an equal level. It is for that reason that lots of young people are starting to pick up bocce ball as a social game.
If you own or are building a recreation center, it may be in your best interests to install a bocce ball court. Not only can you attract this growing group of bocce-addicts to your recreation center, but getting started is a relatively easy process. Learn more about why a bocce court could be perfect for your recreation center in SFM’s blog.

Why Bocce?

Bocce has become a lot more popular in recent years for a number of reasons. First, as we mentioned before anyone can play bocce. It originally came to the US with Italian immigrants and was played almost exclusively by older men. It is by no means a physically demanding game. In addition, bocce is a very social game. It is one of the few games that are just as fun to lose as to win.

How to Build a Bocce Court at Your Recreation Center

First and foremost, you want to ensure that you have a level area to start with.  You also want to ensure you have enough room. The regulation size of a bocce ball court is 13 feet by 91 feet, not including the border. After you have your spot selected you will want to follow these steps:

  • Build Your Border – Something like 6×6 treated lumber can be perfect both for aesthetics and functionality.
  • Create Layers – Bocce courts are usually made of three layers. First,  you want to dig about four inches into your soil to create a pit which you will later fill with the materials that make your bocce court.  
  • Lay Gravel – Next will be the base layer of gravel, which should be about two inches thick.
  • Decomposed Granite – After the gravel, you want a softer layer of decomposed granite, about one inch thick.
  • Place Surface Material – The most common surface material is ground oyster shells as this is what regulation courts use. But if you prefer you could also use sand or artificial turf, depending on the resources available to your recreation center.
  • Avoid Sand – Keep in mind the climate of your location as sand reacts poorly to frequent rains and should be avoided if your recreation center is in a particularly wet climate.

Contact SFM for Bocce Ball Questions

At SFM, we have experts for every type of sports facility. We specialize in managing and advising sports-related facilities and would love to help you improve your existing or future facility. Contact us today at 727.877.1791 to learn more!

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