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Creating Extra Revenue for a College Recreation Center

Recreation Center More Revenue

Bring in More Revenue to Your College Recreation Center

A college recreation center can have fairly significant upfront costs, but ideally, it will eventually give you a significant return on investment. A state of the art recreation center attracts new students to enroll and costs can be offset by student fees. But there are ways that you can bring in some additional revenue and maximize profits. Today in the Sports Facilities Management blog we’ll discuss some ideas for additional revenue streams for your college recreation center.

Offer Outside Memberships

Your students will be able to use the recreation center at their discretion, since their student fees cover their membership. This doesn’t mean you can’t open up membership to other people in the community. Offering memberships to non-students is a great way to make more money. Also, you can offer discounted membership rates to alumni. This keeps them coming back to your facility, continuing to contribute to your bottom line.

Offer Classes

Another great way to drive revenue is to offer classes. You can offer fitness classes such as kickboxing, yoga, and more. Most people won’t expect these classes to be included in their membership dues, so they’re usually fine with paying a fee. Also, you can have special rates for members, and allow nonmembers to pay a higher rate to attend classes. These non-members may enjoy the classes and your facility enough that they decide to eventually become a member too.

Host Intramural Sports Leagues

If you have basketball courts, soccer fields, or any other type of sports facility in your recreation center you can offer intramural leagues. Students and members will love the opportunity to play the sports they love in a competitive fashion. Intramural leagues usually charge an upfront fee for a team to play the whole season. These fees not only cover the cost of hosting the games, they contribute to your overall profits.

Contact SFM About Your College Recreation Center

Sports Facilities Management has extensive experience managing and working with college recreation centers. If you’re looking to build or upgrade a college recreation center in any way, consult with our expert team first. We can conduct feasibility studies, analyze your current business model, and bring it to the next level. We’re known for our expertise and the results we produce. When you choose Sports Facilities Management, you’re choosing the best. For more information about our services, give us a call today or continue browsing our website.

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