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Facility Management: Hiring Personal Trainers

Facility Management Trainers

Facility Management Advice: Choosing Good Personal Trainers

Hiring the right staff is essential to the success of your recreation center. Everyone needs to play their part and be an enthusiastic member of the team. This is especially the case when it comes to personal trainers. Hiring personal trainers for your recreation center can add a lot of value for guests. The trick is hiring quality personal trainers who take pride in their work. Good facility management requires a thorough hiring process, so today in the Sports Facilities Management blog we’ll talk about what to look for when hiring personal trainers.


First and foremost, they need the proper qualifications and certifications to be a personal trainer. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a good personal trainer, it just gives them more credibility. Some certifications can be completed in as little as one weekend, so this shouldn’t be the only parameter in your hiring metrics. See how long they’ve been training, and even if they have any clients that they can refer you to. Talking to their previous clients gives you a good idea of how effective they are, and how happy they’ve made their clients in the past. Good facility management requires you to be diligent when checking potential staff credentials.

Organizational Skills

Organization is essential for a good personal trainer. The more clients they have, the more exercise and fitness plans they need to keep track of. Personal trainers create plans based on an individual’s unique needs. Good trainers won’t simply use a cookie-cutter plan for each of their clients. To keep track of schedules and all their client’s fitness regimens, they need to be exceptionally good at keeping things organized.


A huge aspect of a personal trainer’s job is the ability to motivate. People hire personal trainers because they’re not sure what they’re doing when it comes to fitness, but also because they need someone to keep them on track and motivated. An enthusiastic personal trainer will encourage clients to push and stick to their plans. Good facility management requires you to motivate your staff, and if they’re not enthusiastic about their jobs, then it’s hard to do.

Being a Team Player

Although personal trainers do work on their own, they’ll still be a part of your recreation center’s staff. Independent trainers might be used to sticking to their own way of doing things, but they still need to be able to operate in a team-based environment. Good facility management requires you to make sure your whole team is all on the same page, so you need to hire people who are willing to be part of a team.

Facility Management with SFM

Trusting us with your facility management ensures you get industry-leading results. Our team knows what’s required to make a staff motivated and successful. For more information on our facility management and our other services, contact us today.

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