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Classes to Offer for Different Age Groups in Your Recreation Center

Recreation Center Age Groups

Recreation Center Classes by Age Group

If you choose to market your recreation center as a place where the whole family can have fun and exercise, you should consider offering fitness classes that appeal to a variety of age groups. This will maximize the demographics that your recreation center will attract, and it will increase their satisfaction. Today in the Sports Facilities Management blog, we’ll discuss what classes to offer different age groups.

Classes for Children

You may offer child-care services at your recreation center, but you could also offer classes for the kids. Parents will appreciate the option to have their kids exercise and learn in a structured environment while they get their workout in. The possibilities and options for children’s classes are vast. You can offer classes for various different sports such as basketball, soccer, and more. Martial arts and gymnastics are also popular choices. Take a look at your current facilities and see what they can accommodate. This will help you narrow down the classes you’ll choose to offer.

Classes for Adults

Adults also appreciate the option to participate in fitness classes. It gives them new ways to workout and keeps them coming back to your recreation center. There are tons of different fitness classes out there, so it can be difficult deciding what to offer. It’s best to choose options that will appeal to a variety of demographics. Yoga is extremely popular. Kickboxing and other forms of martial arts have also gained a lot of traction in the fitness world. Adults will be happy to participate in these various different classes, but it’s extremely important to get a good instructor. A good instructor makes all the difference when it comes to someone’s decision to return for more classes. Keep this in mind when deciding what type of classes to offer.

Classes for Seniors

If seniors are in shape, they may participate in some of the adult fitness classes, but it’s important to give them options specific to their needs. Seniors benefit from low-impact fitness classes, so it’s a good idea to have a few of these available at your recreation center. One of the most popular options is water aerobics, as any pool-based exercise will ensure minimum impact on joints. Other options such as senior yoga and cycling are good choices as well.

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