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After-School Programs You Should Offer at Your Recreation Center

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After-School Programs You Can Host at Your Recreation Center

Creating a youth fitness program at your recreation center can be beneficial to both your business and your community. As the childhood obesity rate continues to climb, it is more important than ever that sports facilities promote an active lifestyle among children. Perhaps the most effective means of promoting youth fitness is through after-school programs. So, how do you go about starting an after-school program? Today, the experts at Sports Facilities Management discuss some tips you can use to get an after-school program started at your recreation center.

Assess Your Communities Needs

The first step you should take when developing an after-school program is to learn as much as you can about your community’s needs. Is there a need for an after-school program? How many families are in your service area? What kind of programs are already available? Speak with parents to learn what programs they are looking for and the timeframes when they need services.
You should also speak with your current recreation center members, and prepare a member survey or a focus group. Will large numbers of children negatively impact your facility’s atmosphere? Is your facility already busy between 3 pm and 6 pm? These are all questions you need to get answers to before you develop your programs.

Develop Your Program

Once you have the information needed to understand your community’s needs, it is time to develop your after-school program. Tailor your program to the features your recreation center already offers. For instance, if you have an indoor swimming pool, an after-school swim team could be an excellent program. If you have basketball courts that go unused in the afternoon, contact youth coaches about hosting practices or games at your facility.
At this point, you know what your community needs and you know what your recreation center offers. Match the community needs with your facility offerings, and you are well on your way to a successful after-school program.

Getting Children to Your Recreation Center

The number one issue parents often have when enrolling their children in after-school programs is transportation. Some recreation centers will contact local schools in order to add their facility to school bus routes. You can also offer a shuttle service for a small fee. After you have secured reliable transportation to your recreation center, it is time to focus on marketing your program.

Contact Sports Facilities Management for More Information

If you are interested in getting industry-leading management for your recreation center, contact Sports Facilities Management today. Our team has helped dozens of large-scale sports facilities go from the planning phase to day-to-day operations smoothly and efficiently. To contact our team give us a call today at 727-474-3845.

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