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Developing Physical Therapy Service at Sports Facilities

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Physical Therapy Resources at Sports Facilities

One of the realities that athletes need to deal with is the occasional injury. When your customers suffer an injury, whether at home or on the court, they will need the services of a physical therapist. You can deliver substantial value to your customers by offering resources and qualified staff members for physical therapy services at your sports facility. Read on to learn exactly what you need to offer a quality physical therapy program.

A Certified Physical Therapist

The most important resource you need is a certified physical therapist to direct your PT program. Regardless of the quality of your PT amenities, if you do not have an expert to lead rehabilitation and injury prevention, you won’t be able to take advantage of those resources fully. A physical therapist can work with your athletes to develop injury prevention exercises and help injured athletes recover more efficiently. Some of the services a quality PT can offer include:

  • Sports performance training and conditioning
  • Post-concussion management
  • Plyometric training
  • Isokinetic testing
  • Pre-sports screening
  • And much more

Physical Therapy Amenities

There are a number of amenities that a physical therapist will need to rehabilitate and prevent injuries at sports facilities. While some of these amenities are big investments, you may already own many of these thanks to the nature of your business. Amenities for physical therapy include:

  • Strength Training Equipment – To prevent and rehabilitate athletic injuries, a PT will need some basic strength training equipment. Things like weights, medicine balls, and weight machines allow physical therapists to direct and monitor exercise to help heal injuries in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Exercise Bands and Balls- Perhaps the most used item by any physical therapist, resistance bands and tubing are essential for your facility. Resistance therapy is the preferred method for developing functional strength and balance throughout the body. Many athletic injuries occur as a result of specific muscle deficiencies, and one of the best ways to address a specific weakness is through resistance training. Exercise balls are also great for developing core strength and balance in a safe, efficient manner. These items are inexpensive investments that any physical therapist will put to good use.
  • Examination table – An examination table is a vital aspect of a quality PT program. These tables allow the physical therapist to diagnose and treat injuries that your athletes may incur safely.
  • Mobility Equipment – Lastly, your sports facilities should have adequate mobility equipment at your facility. Items like crutches, wheelchairs, and braces allow your PT to safely transport injured athletes from the field of play to the medical room.

Contact Sports Facilities Management to Learn More

If you are interested in developing your sports facility, contact the experts at Sports Facilities Management. We offer point to point development and management services to develop and manage day-to-day operations. The first step to learning more about SFM is to give us a call at (727) 474-3845.

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