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Four Features Your Recreation Center Needs To Utilize

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Four Features Your Recreation Center Needs To Have

The differences between recreation centers are often very small. Specific facilities in specific areas might offer different amenities, but for the most part recreation centers will have similar features. These features typically include a basketball court, track, pool, and playground, to name a few.
However, there are some other important features that your recreation center needs to incorporate to be successful. In today’s post, Sports Facilities Advisory will take a look at four features your facility needs.

1. Weight Room

While this is a common feature in recreation and community centers, it is not nearly as common as basketball courts or even pools. Many see that as a mistake because an affordable place to work out is something that is in higher demand in communities than things like basketball or racquetball. If you have a weight room in your facility, it will be an easy sell to the community, especially if you include it in membership.

2. Lockers Rooms

Much like weight rooms, locker rooms are common in facilities, but are sometimes incorrectly viewed as unnecessary. Having fully equipped and easily accessible locker rooms a must-have feature for your recreation center, especially if there are competing centers in the area. Your community can find facilities to play basketball or lift weights at that have locker rooms, so it’s important that you aren’t being left behind because you don’t offer them.

3. Game Room

A game room is a great way to keep a young demographic invested in your recreation center during the winter when your pool is closed. Although not a common feature in most community centers, adding a game room keeps your facility relevant during the winter. Plus, it is an excellent option for parents searching for a place to host birthday parties or family events.

4. Family Entertainment Center

Adding a Family Entertainment Center, or FEC, is a fantastic way to generate some extra revenue. For many recreation centers, finding a steady revenue stream is difficult when your pool is closed in the winter. An FEC gives you something to promote throughout the year, as well as providing parents with young children a place to visit.

Contact Sports Facilities Advisory For Recreation Center Tips

If you are running a recreation center, it’s essential to have the right features and amenities. For more information or tips on facility planning and development, give SFA a call at (727) 474-3845 or contact us online for more information.

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