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Unique Facilities to Add to a Recreation Center

Recreation Center Facilities

Unique Additions for a Recreation Center

We’ve gone over some unique additions to add to your recreation center in past blogs, but we were just scratching the surface. There are plenty of great facilities you can add to you recreation center to set it apart from the rest and help it to stand out when potential members are choosing where to spend their money. Here are some truly unique ideas to consider implementing in your recreation center.

Ice Rink

Adding an ice rink to your recreation center can be an expensive endeavor, so there are several factors to consider. The primary factor will be deciding if hockey is a prominent enough sport in your community to be able to hold events and tournaments. These will make your ice rink a profitable venture. Keeping it open for free skating and pick-up games of hockey will be the icing on the cake for people with memberships. Remember, an addition should be worthwhile and make good business sense. Don’t design add-ons just for the sake of marketing.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool isn’t necessarily unique – in fact, it’s almost essential for a recreation center to have one. What makes a pool unique is making the design and features different than most. Adding a lazy river is one option. A zip line is also a popular feature that more and more centers are adding. A hot tub is a nice touch too, and it can attract older members to join. You can even create an indoor beach to give your swimming pool a really unique feature. You don’t have to go overboard with what you add to your swimming area, but some add-ons can create a lot of value for members.

A Smoothie and Juice Bar

This one isn’t technically a facility, but it is a great way to bring in extra income. Offering healthy juices and smoothies to members at discounted rates, and at normal rates for guests, allows you to have an additional source of revenue throughout the year. It’s sure to be especially popular when you hold special events or tournaments at your recreation center.

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