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What Kind of Classes Can I Offer for Kids at My Sports Complex?

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Sports Complex Tips: Considering Classes for Kids

If you’re running a successful sports complex, you probably already offer quite a few classes, camps, and leagues for kids. Sports such as basketball and soccer are common, but those are just the beginning of your opportunities. There are some more unique classes you can offer kids at your sports complex. These classes are great for revenue because they not only give kids more ways to stay healthy, they give parents somewhere safe for their kids to go while they workout or do their classes. Let’s go over some of the best unique youth classes to offer.

Martial Arts

Martial arts classes help to teach kids responsibility, self-defense, and discipline. It rewards them for hard work too, as typically they will rank up after completing certain requirements. Plus, it’s a great way to stay fit and healthy. There are a variety of martial art practices you can offer, but the two most common offerings are Karate and Tae-Kwon-Do. The belt systems for these disciplines give kids a tangible goal to work towards.


Gymnastics classes are another great offering for your sports complex. Gymnastics classes can start as early as two years old, so parents who want to forego the daycare can have their children go to gymnastics classes. For older kids, gymnastics has a variety of fitness benefits, including strength and balance. There are a variety of different gymnastics classes you can offer and a variety of age groups you can offer them to.

Dance Classes

Dance classes can be a great addition to any sports complex. You can hold classes for ballet, jazz, hip-hop, or any number of styles. This is another activity that kids can start at a very young age. Dance classes are great ways to teach discipline and the value of fitness. Plus, you can offer dance classes for adults as well. In fact, all of the above-mentioned activities can have classes dedicated to teens and adults, as long as your hired instructors are comfortable with different age groups. Offering these classes and filling all the spots can really increase the profits your sports complex brings in.

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