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The SF Network represents the largest and fastest growing portfolio of managed youth and amateur sports and recreation destinations in the United States.

This includes award-winning facilities in tourist favorites such as Gatlinburg, TN, Branson, MO, Panama City Beach, and Sandusky, OH. SF Network facilities can also be found near large cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Pittsburg and across the country in locations such as Alabama, Kentucky, New Jersey, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

While the facilities in the SF Network have built a reputation for hosting some of the most successful sports tourism events in the industry, they also put equal emphasis on creating programming that serves the needs of local communities.

The SF Network, represents the managed properties of the Sports Facilities Companies (SFC), the preeminent resource for managing, optimizing and developing sports, recreation, event, and wellness venues. Whether it’s a sports tourism destination driving economic impact or community recreation facility looking to enhance the health of local citizens, we utilize best practices in a variety of areas including operations, business development, staff development, and marketing to help our venues reach their goals.

The power of the SF Network not only lies in our team, but also in our size and position in the industry. Our managed venues work and truly accomplish more together. We have built relationships with many of the nation’s top event rights holders and provide facility owners and operators with innovative ways to generate revenue and extend their brands. The size and scale of The Network makes us an attractive partner for companies who want to engage our collective audience.

For event rights holders, The SF Network provides unique opportunity for access to leading sports, events and recreation venues in many of the nation’s most sought-after locales. SFC’s staff is dedicated to providing a superior experience for our guests, making many of our events some of the most popular in our industry.

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“Our commitment to provide an industry-leading experience for our guests has led us to build the SF Network into the largest portfolio of managed tournament-style venues in the country. We will continue to innovate in order to best serve guests, events right holders, and industry as a whole.”


Over 1,500 team members in the SF Network


25 million guest visits annually to SFM Network facilities


Over $200 million annually in hotel and visitor spending

Featured Team Leader

Founding Partner, CEO

Since 2005, Jason Clement has lead the planning, development, and performance of sports tourism facilities across the country. In 2019, Jason launched the SFM Network – the largest and fastest growing portfolio of managed sports tourism and recreation facilities in the nation. His work has produced facilities that perform financially, socially, and for the good of public health. Jason is a sought-after resource in the travel sports space, often lending his voice to industry associations such as the International City and County Manager’s Association, Sports ETA, CSEF, and Association of Chief Executives of Sport. To learn more about Jason and the other members of our outstanding team, visit our team page.

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