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How Supporting Your Staff is Key to Staff Development

Staff development resulting in happy work team.

Staff Development: Ensuring Your Staff Is Properly Supported

It is essential that your staff receive the support they need in order to properly perform their jobs. Too many managers focus on hiring the right people and ignore staff development once those employees are in place. Support does not merely cover work-related aspects of your employees’ jobs, factors like morale and recognition are also key to ensuring your staff remains happy. Today, Sports Facilities Management will discuss some of the ways you can support staff development and the steps you need to take to build an all-star team at your facility.

Offer Meaningful Training Opportunities

Training is obviously key when you first hire a new staff member. Too often, employers bombard new hires for the first month and completely neglect any form of staff development after they are acclimated to their new position. Offering effective training regularly will ensure that your employees have the knowledge to excel and will help to ensure your business information stays consistent.

Develop a Positive Work Environment

Many business owners and managers forget, or never experienced, life as an entry-level employee. Working for the least money, often doing the job no one else wants to do is tough. Working in a tense, negative work environment compounds these negative feelings and can end up causing massive turnover. No matter how good your pay or benefits are, if employees dread coming to work they are not going to be there long. As such, it is essential that you create a positive attitude in the workplace. Be empathetic when your employees run into issues. Ensure that people are respectful and friendly when at work. Co-workers do not have to be best friends, but they MUST maintain proper decorum when at the workplace. If issues develop between co-workers the supervisor or manager must be available to help resolve problems.
Remember, little details boost employee morale. Positive employee morale will lead to positive staff development as they will be more likely to stay with your company. Things like ergonomic chairs and well-equipped break rooms can make a huge difference in the happiness of your employees. Offer recognition and rewards for good work. Remember these details and you will have a happier staff.

Provide Opportunity for Advancement

Regardless of the facility you manage it is imperative that you have some sort of scope for advancement. If your employees feel trapped in a dead-end job they will quickly find other places that do offer opportunity. You can not ensure staff development if you are constantly starting over with new employees. Internal promotions should always be considered before external hiring. Your staff are more likely to excel in their work if they feel they have a future at your company.

Contact SFM for Staff Development

If you have questions regarding how best to promote staff development Sports Facilities Management is the management company for you. We have experience developing and managing staffs for dozens of sports facilities. Contact us today to get started.

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