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Strategies for Long-Term Success at Your Aquatic Center

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If you’re managing an aquatic center, you know that success isn’t just about filling the facility with visitors (although that’s super important.) There are many elements to consider when it comes to ensuring your aquatic center serves the community and delights guests, from safety and staff training to marketing and budgeting. Fortunately, there are several essential strategies you can follow to ensure that your facility stays competitive, profitable, and thrives over the long term.

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Focus on safety

Start your aquatic center’s success strategy by ensuring that safety comes first. Create and implement a comprehensive safety program, and then train your employees well on safety protocols, CPR, and first aid. Additionally, perform regular safety audits to ensure your facility is up to code. Incorporate technology, such as pool alarms and security cameras, for further peace of mind. Remember, safety is a top priority for guests, and fulfilling that need is the cornerstone of any successful aquatic center.

Hiring and training aquatic center staff

Having lifeguards and support staff who are well-trained, prepared, and attentive is crucial. And with labor market availability shifting due to the pandemic, now more than ever, staffing is a challenge. Consider outsourcing staff recruitment to third-party lifeguard staffing companies like SFC, who are experienced in recruiting and vetting the best candidates. Work with them to develop training programs related to safety and customer service, including consistent reviews and feedback to optimize performance levels. (Working to retain great staff is also critical, click here for tips on how to do so.)

Marketing plays a crucial role

It’s essential to employ different marketing techniques, from traditional advertising to social media and email campaigns, to attract visitors to your facility. Excellent customer reviews can also bring in new guests, so always encourage visitors to leave genuine feedback about their experience. Build relationships with local schools, sports teams, and community organizations to gather brand awareness and encourage repeat customers. Effective marketing campaigns are necessary for any long-term success strategy.

Manage the budget actively

Effective budget management is critical to ensuring long-term stability and growth for any aquatic facility. It’s not just about cutting costs but identifying what areas need investment, including equipment such as pumps and pool heaters. Consider expenses to manage, maintain, and update the facility, from both an operational and cosmetic standpoint, as well as for staffing, promotions, pool chemicals, and insurance. In the end, facility revenue will dictate what expenses are allowable or what is required to operate. Want to reduce operational expenses? Contracting with an experienced pool management company like SFC brings efficiencies to your aquatic center through bulk purchasing power, process improvements, and economies of scale.

Continuous facility improvements

Listen carefully. Receiving and implementing guest feedback to make the necessary improvements to your facility will attract new visitors and keep existing guests coming back. Ongoing investment is necessary, and you can use this feedback to identify where improvements are needed. Consider adding new attractions or services to keep your facility fresh and interesting to both new and regular customers.

Success for an aquatic center involves well-executed safety, staffing, marketing, budget management, and continuous facility improvements. With strategies in place, managing your aquatic center and ensuring long-term success becomes more manageable.

We understand that managing a facility is not always simple; that’s why at SFC, we offer aquatic center management services to improve your facility’s stability and long-term profitability. Let us know how we can help you today.

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