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Sports Facility Planning: What Not to Do

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Facility Planning Advice: What Not to Do

When starting a new business, there are always those telling you what to do, but sometimes it’s more important to know what NOT to do. In the world of sports facility planning, there are many small details to consider, and while it’s normal to make a mistake or two, the smoother the planning process goes the quicker you can implement and build your business.

Don’t Skimp on Research

It sounds tedious, but research is crucial to the foundation and ongoing management of your facility. When it comes to sports facility planning, the first step is to outline a detailed plan and determine everything from funding to materials, and even your facility layout.
Market research and feasibility studies help to make your vision a success, and here at Sports Facilities Advisory, we want to see each of our clients succeed.

Don’t Attempt All Facility Planning on Your Own

Sure, you’ll save some money if you do it all alone, but you could miss out on some important details and savings. Using a sports facility planning business gives you an advantage over competitors in your field. Whether a government operated facility or a privately-owned business, having a team of professionals to back you every step of the way provides a greater chance of success.
We want to remove some of that load from your shoulders, as well as provide you with industry knowledge that we have acquired over more than a decade in business. We know sports facility management better than most, and with our help, you will too.

Don’t Choose Cost Over Value

It’s so easy in any industry to select materials based on cost, rather than value. This is because there can be such a drastic difference in price when it comes to selecting inferior quality products. Of course, there are good deals and discounts to be found, but you don’t want to end up with a pile of faulty materials which will only need to be replaced in a year or two.
Using the expertise of a facility planning company will grant you access to some of the best product connections, and funding options in the sports industry. While high-quality items may cost more, they will pay for themselves over time, when less maintenance and repairs are necessary.
For more information on facility planning, and the many services offered by us here at Sports Facilities Advisory, contact us today! Our team of professionals has been working with local sports facility owners since 2003, and are always happy to meet new clients.

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