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Basketball Sports Facilities Maintenance


Maintenance for Basketball Sports Facilities

From backboards to flooring, a lot of work goes into sports facilities maintenance, especially when it comes to basketball. Some of this maintenance is required for aesthetics but mostly it is completed to promote player and spectator safety.
At Sports Facilities Advisory, we understand how complex the management of a sports related business can be, which is why we offer services for everything from funding to management. Our focus is to help you succeed and sometimes that means understanding the maintenance side of the industry.

Wall Padding

Believe it or not, wall padding is a necessity in the basketball world, especially if a wall or other obstruction is within fifteen feet of the playing surface. While this sport is not meant to include physical contact, players have been known to bounce out of bounds, slip, trip, or bang into one another from time to time. When this occurs, players could fall out of bounds and hit the wall, which could cause harm. By including wall padding, the shock of this fall is absorbed more readily and players have a softer surface to land against.
Padding should be at least two inches thick and at a height of six feet or more. This varies from state to state and facility to facility, but all basketball courts are required to include some form of wall padding. Padding must be checked for tears and holes and cleaned properly after play.

Floor Requirements for Sports Facilities

While there are many different floor options for indoor sports facilities, something that remains the same across the board, is the need for a clean, smooth surface during play. This means wiping up spills which could be slipped in, checking for sticky surfaces that could snag a sneaker, and of course tears or holes in the floor, which could be cause for tripping.
When designing your facility, you will have the option to choose a floor type. Keep in mind that different textures will affect play during different sports. Consulting with an expert in flooring and sports facilities management can help you deduce which floor will be best for your specific needs.

Wall Anchoring and Score Boards

Anything that is mounted, hung, or protruding from the walls of a sports facility should be checked regularly. You won’t need to examine each item after every game, but by keeping up on regular inspections you can be sure that no mountings are coming loose, and that no players, staff, or spectators will be injured if something should fall.
During inspection of these areas, proper cleaning and other maintenance should be included to retain cleanliness, aesthetics, and decrease the risk of rust and damage.
For more information on basketball sports facilities maintenance, and other services offered through Sports Facilities Advisory, contact us today!

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