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Sports Facility Management: How to Motivate an Unmotivated Staff


We can help refresh and reenergize unmotivated staff.

You know what they say about first impressions being lasting ones. The first impression your members will have of your recreation center or sports complex comes from their interaction with your staff. Having a professional and friendly initial greeting will set a positive and comfortable tone for your member’s visit.

Sports Facility Management: Unmotivated Staff and Your Recreation Center

An unhappy employee is an unmotivated employee. They can easily let their dissatisfaction with the job spill over into their interactions with your members. Unmotivated staff will likely provide the minimum service required, leaving your members unimpressed and unsatisfied.
An unmotivated staff is bad for business, both for you as a business owner and for your members. If your staff is not engaged and feels as though they are in a dead-end job, they will leave. Employee turnover comes with very high costs to your business. Cycling through employees will strain your brand and your ability to satisfy your members. Sports Facility Management may be the answer for you.

Sports Facility Management: Motivation Strategies for Your Recreation Center Employees

Cultivating a professional and motivated staff begins with good training. However, training is only part of the picture. Trust and loyalty are key components to a good relationship between you and your staff. If you want your employees to feel satisfied and treated well, they must feel valued and feel that they have “a place at the table.”
Following are some concrete suggestions for gearing up motivation in your staff.

Be a Good Example

Show your employees what motivation looks like. Jump in on a task at your sports complex or recreation center that needs to be done, even if you aren’t the one assigned to it.

Provide Good Working Conditions

Providing a supportive and comfortable work environment at your sports complex or recreation center will show that you have your employee’s best interests in mind.

Empower Your Staff

Give your staff a “seat at the table” by asking for their input on strategies and solutions. Sports Facility Management recommends giving them the opportunity to make suggestions on how they can better do their job. Perhaps, they have an idea for making a member’s visit better that you have not thought of.

Build Your Team

Regular staff meetings and team development strategies can help build your team and create a sense of loyalty toward you and your recreation center members.

Offer Opportunities for Advancement

No one wants to work in a dead-end job. Offer staff the training they need to gain skills to move up in your organization. Word will get around that your business is a great place to work.

Provide Incentives

Incentives can motivate your staff with little effort and cost on your part. Perhaps an extra paid day off for good performance, gift cards, and tickets could all be great incentives for a job well done.

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