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Sports Facility Management: How to Make the Most Out of Concession Stands

Sports facility management can make concession stands feasible

 Sports Facility Management and Concession Stands

A concession stand can (and should) be much more than just a dirty shack serving microwaved hot dogs and lackluster cheese fries. While this may be the experience some of us have had in the past, our professional sports facility management staff knows how to help you make the most of your concession stand.
We’ve helped countless sports facilities expand and grow with tried and tested approaches that really work. In many cases, this even involves the management and application of your on-site concession stand.
If you’re struggling to revive your complex’s concession stands, here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

Consider a New Menu

If the main food groups of your facility’s concession stand include sour patch kids and popcorn, you may be driving your clientele away. Most people who attend a sports facility are either there to watch a game, play a sport themselves, or simply get in a good workout for the day. Most likely, they won’t want a handful of greasy popcorn when they’re finished.
Instead of offering the typical fanfare food options, sports facility management can help you develop a menu that speaks to your clientele and encourages patronage, such as protein and/or fruit blended shakes, healthy breakfast options, light sandwiches, green, leafy salads, and so on.

Encourage Your Staff

The success of many sports facilities is largely dependent on the work ethic of the staff. If you have a group of employees working your concession stand that really just don’t care, your customers are going to notice, and then avoid that concession stand like the plague.
Sports facility management can work with you to develop an incentive program to motivate your staff and keep them loyal. We can also help you cultivate a team culture that will encourage everyone to maintain a positive attitude, support one another, and work hard for the good of the team.


Advertising may seem like it’s too much for your small concession stand, but simply including ads in your information pamphlets that you give out to new members is a great start! Hang signs within the complex to entice hungry or thirsty patrons to swing by your concession stand on their way out the door. Sports facilities can even use social media accounts to advertise new menu items at their concession stands. This is a great way to reach existing clientele and encourage more business.
Sports facility management can help you determine the best way to advertise your concession stand with a thorough understanding of your business model.

Think About a Food Truck Design

Everyone loves food trucks these days. Whether it’s the novelty or the convenience, the popularity of these things has grown to full blown food truck alleys, food truck TV shows, and food truck events. If you’re looking for a way to revitalize your concession stand in a whole new way, consider a food truck design for your sports facility. Sports facility management can help you expand upon this idea and find a way to make it work for your specific sports facility.

Contact Our Sports Facility Management Staff Today

If you’re ready to make some changes and get people coming to your concession stand again, contact Sports Facilities Management today. Our team of experts is more than ready to help you devise a plan of action to get your concession stand back in business. Call or email to schedule an appointment with our management firm today. We’re excited to see what we can achieve together!

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