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These Sports Courts Make Great Additions to Your Indoor Sports Facilities

Racquetball Makes a Great Addition to Indoor Sports Facilities

Sports to Add to Your Indoor Sports Facilities

All indoor sports facilities will have basketball courts and volleyball courts. These sports are the most popular of all indoor sports, and it just makes sense for even your most basic indoor sports facilities to provide a place for people to play these sports competitively.
If you only cater to athletes in these sports, however, you may miss out on business from a substantial percentage of the population. Adding a few courts and areas for the following unique indoor sports will help entice diehard, niche athletes to your indoor sports facilities.
Keep in mind, which of these sports will draw in the most athletes is wholly dependant on your area. Sports Facilities Management’s sister company Sports Facilities Advisory can perform feasibility studies to determine all the benefits and drawbacks of designing unique indoor courts in your area.


Racquetball provides great cardio for all players, and people of all ages can play at a competitive level. From a sports facilities management perspective, racquetball courts make good investments because the courts serve multiple purposes. They function great as dodgeball courts, handball courts, and wallyball courts.
Racquetball has a low initial learning curve that allows even inexperienced players to get plenty of exercise and enjoy healthy competition. This means you don’t have to have the best racquetball players in your city to get use out of your court.


Soccer continues to grow in popularity across the country, and indoor soccer gives both children and adults the opportunity to keep themselves in shape and their skills sharp during the winter months.
An indoor soccer field can come in many different dimensions, and you can use them for multiple sports. They double as indoor flag football fields, sports training areas, and ultimate frisbee fields.

Table Tennis

Also known as ping-pong, table tennis takes up very little space in your indoor sports facilities, and it can bring in people from all across the state to your sports complex. Though still a very niche sport in the United States, table tennis has been a national pastime for many Asian countries for years, and continues to draw large crowds in Europe.
There is a small, dedicated group of players in the United States, and if you can tap into this group by offering serious, rated tournaments, you will find people traveling from all around the state and adjoining areas to come to your sports facilities.

Perfect Your Indoor Sports Facilities with SFM

Sports Facilities Management helps you meet the goals for you indoor sports facilities. If you find it difficult to get people in the door, to get staff properly trained, or to maintain your facilities, then you would benefit from the experience our team has to offer. Contact Sports Facilities Management today to get your sports complex back on track.

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