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Get the Most Out of Your Grand Opening with Sports Facilities Management

Sports Facilities management Helps With Grand Openings

Sports Facilities Management Takes Your Grand Opening to the Next Level

You can’t just open your sports complex and expect people to know all about the great indoor sports facilities, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and football fields you offer. With great sports facilities management, however, you can implement a grand opening strategy to raise awareness.
At Sports Facilities Management, we help you brainstorm ideas for your grand opening, and help you deal with the logistics of bringing so many people to your sports complex. Below, we offer some initial tips that could help you in the opening process.

A Grand Opening with Big Names

When it comes to sports, people want to see it played at the highest level. They want to see the biggest names playing their favorite sports. An exhibition match between college or professional teams can bring in a lot of people.
This immediately shows how serious your sports facilities management team is about providing the best services around. If your facility can handle a collegiate level game, it will run smoothly for your community’s needs. Plus, kids want to see their favorite players and their idols, and the entire family can enjoy the outing.
Sports Facilities Management can bring big names to your sports complex. Just recently, we opened the Hoover Met Complex and immediately hosted the SEC baseball tournament. We can bring high caliber talent to your sports complex too.

Host an Amateur Tournament Or a Camp

Next to hosting a professional or collegiate tournament, nothing beats hosting an amateur tournament in your sports facilities. Giving your guests the opportunity to use the facilities immediately, either in the form of a tournament or in the form of camps, allows you to showcase your sports facilities’ state-of-the-art courts and equipment. This will excite not only the people who attend your grand opening but also their acquaintances through word of mouth.

Trade Shows & Tours

Tours are a great way to create a bit of buzz before the actual opening day. You can allow a few choice people to come take a tour of your sports facilities well before the opening date. Contact local journalists and show them everything you will offer the community.
Trade shows on the first day give people the opportunity to buy the best sports gear from your location, and they can test the equipment out on your courts. You set yourself up as an authority on sports from the start by bringing in the highest quality equipment for them to choose from.

Open Your Sports Complex with Sports Facilities Management

These are just a few suggestions. Though one of these strategies might be right for the grand opening of your sports complex, the Sports Facilities Management team would need to take a closer look at your operations and your community to get a better sense of the best strategy for your complex. Contact Sports Facilities Management today to get started.

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