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Sports Complex: Tips For Hosting a Gaming Tournament

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Tips For Hosting a Gaming Tournament at Your Sports Complex

Hosting a tournament is one of the very best ways to show off your sports complex. But as you think about tournament hosting, don’t limit yourself to the traditional. Gaming tournaments have grown in popularity through the years and they are a great way to draw a crowd to your facility. In today’s blog, the experts at Sports Facilities Management offer some tips for organizing and hosting a gaming tournament.

Get Insight From Your Members

A great way to strengthen your bond with members and customers is to ask for their input. Find out who among your members has an interest in gaming and seek their advice. See what kind of event they would like to participate in and if there is a general consensus among other gamers. If the idea is feasible, you might have a head start on marketing through word-of-mouth.

Know Your Budget

Like any event, you should expect a return on your investment, so you need to know your budget. Consider starting with a game that wouldn’t require many additional purchases on your part. Some developers and companies are generous with sponsorships, however, if your tournament is small you might have to raise funds yourself. Consider the following as you design a budget:

  • Prizes
  • Refreshments
  • Extra Equipment
  • Employee Overtime (if applicable)

Have Realistic Expectations

Have a clear understanding of your tournament’s purpose. While it is tempting to start calculating the revenue you might generate, remember to think of a gaming tournament as an investment. Set smaller financial goals (especially if it is your first gaming tournament) and focus on reaching new potential customers and members for your facility.

Consider a Host

A great host can bring along a following of audience members. If you don’t have the budget for a celebrity, look around for local talent. Gaming chapters from a nearby college can attract their modest following to your front door. Some of these gamers might be future members of your sports facility.


Having sponsors can help defray costs. If you are having trouble attracting large game developers or corporations to your tournament, consider seeking sponsorships from your local vendors and regional businesses.

Sports Facilities Management Can Help

SFM can help with every aspect of your sports facility. From management to marketing to staff development, Sports Facilities Management is an industry leader. Whether you are in the planning phase or already running a facility, contact us today to see how our expertise can help.

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