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How to Establish Your Recreation Center's Brand Before Opening

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Make no mistake about it, the classic film Field of Dreams got it wrong: If you just build it they won’t come. Simply building your sport complex isn’t enough, you have to build your brand as well. You need to spread the word and get people excited to visit the new recreation center. But how do you go about creating and building a brand?
In this article, the SFA team will discuss what you need to do in order to create a brand and build awareness to attract people to your new recreation center.

Determine Your Brand’s Audience

The first step you should take when building your brand is to figure out exactly who you will be targeting. You’ll need to ensure your mission and voice match that audience. Figure out the details and lifestyle of that audience. For instance, maybe you are hoping to attract mothers who work from home. Maybe you are looking for young professionals who are tech-savvy and pressed for time. The idea is to get very specific with these target demographics so you can craft your message to speak to their needs.

Research the Competition

This is a critical step in your brand creation. You’re not looking to imitate the other brands in your industry, however, you must understand what they do well and what you can do better. Once you understand your competition in the market, figure out how to differentiate your brand’s voice. What are the strengths of your business? In what ways are those strengths not being met by the competition? These are key components to creating a brand that is unique and impactful.

Outline Your Key Qualities

There are always going to be other brands with bigger budgets or strengths that you may (currently) lack. But your service will have strengths that belong solely to you. Maybe you have your city’s first steam room, maybe you have basketball facilities that other recreation centers in your region can’t match. Whatever your key qualities are, once you identify them you can begin to craft a competitive message.

Create a Logo and Tagline

Once you understand your recreation center’s brand voice and key qualities, it’s time to design a logo and tagline to help your audience understand your message.
Let’s think about one of the most successful brands of the last decade, Apple. They’re obviously not just a computer or phone company. Their message focuses on their clean designs and ease of use. They understand the benefits their products provide that the competition is lacking. Their tagline is “Think Different.” Many believe they made this tagline in response to the IBM slogan “Think.” By understanding that their audience saw the competition as complicated, they marketed themselves as an alternative. Easy to use products with a clean design that anyone can enjoy. Their results speak to the success of understanding the quality of their products and marketing them well.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

If this process seems overwhelming, that’s okay. Partnering with a professional team that can help you develop your brand is a step that most successful businesses take. The team at Sports Facilities Advisory have successfully helped dozens of outstanding sports facilities go from idea to opening. Contact SFA at 727-474-3845 to talk to our team today!

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