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Which Sports Complex Designs Are Trending?

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Sports Complex Design Trends in 2018

When designing your sports complex it is a good idea to keep in mind which design trends are coming up. Not only can you get some great ideas for your own design, but oftentimes these designs are trending for a reason. Whether it is a technological advance that has enabled ideas to come to fruition or designs that resonate with consumers, trends can give insight into what people are looking for. With our society changing more rapidly than ever, these trends are evolving at speeds unlike what we have seen in the past. With that in mind, here are a few of the biggest trends in the sports complex world in 2018.

Technological Integration

Technology is becoming more important in every aspect of our lives, with fitness and health especially. Ensure that your building is designed to not only implement existing technologies but have the infrastructure to expand for new technologies. This can be done by ensuring you have the proper amount of space to expand with electric wiring and wifi technology available to every corner of your facility. Being prepared to implement new technologies will allow your sports complex to quickly and easily integrate tech updates.
Many recreation centers and sports complex facilities are implementing LED-lit floors, interactive bouldering walls, and VR technology. To stay relevant in the health, recreation, and sports fields, it is integral that you stay relevant in the technology that your visitors expect.

Designing an Adaptable Sports Complex

More and more sports complex designers are looking for ways to allow flexibility of use for their facilities. Having the ability to tailor your sports complex to different types of events opens up revenue opportunities that static design is incapable of. Whether it is the ability to create more intimate spaces for corporate business meetings, or the ability to extend room size to allow for trade shows and events, it is more important than ever that your facility be able to match customer specifications. Removable or adjustable walls and seating can give you access to clientele that you never imagined in the design stages. A properly-designed room — with the ability to host everything from an intimate yoga class to a corporate function — should be as flexible as possible to ensure you can maximize revenue.

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