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Facility Management: How To Best Schedule Events

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How To Best Schedule Events According To Our Facility Management Expert

Facility planning is a major part of facility management. While a lot of your business might be in people using your gym or teenagers coming to open gyms to shoot baskets, your events will be most likely be your biggest money maker, and they will also be your biggest impact on the community. But for facility management staff, this can be an overwhelming task. In today’s blog post, SFM will give some tips on how to best create a schedule for your facility.

What Events Are You Wanting To Host?

For each individual facility, the event planning aspect of facility management will look different. For sport-specific facilities, the event schedule will largely consist of tournaments and practices. For recreation centers, the event schedule will be more diversified but also won’t host as many competitive events. As a facility, it’s important to find your identity and know what types of events you are wanting to host. This will make it easier to say yes or no to certain events while also making it easier to schedule those events.

How Many Events Are You Wanting To Host Each Month?

Typically, events for community and recreation centers are scheduled on a month-to-month basis, with bigger events being planned on a year-to-year basis. Determining exactly how many events your facility will host each month will depend on the capabilities of your staff and the accommodations of your facility. Facility management is a complicated system and it is often made more complicated by facilities planning an event slate that they can’t handle. Knowing how many events and leagues your complex can handle is an important step in the facility management process.

Do You Have A Staff For Event Planning?

Again, depending on the size of your facility and its purpose, each facility’s staff will look different. If you are a one-person event planning team, it is important not to overwork yourself, not only because it is harmful to you, but because the event schedule will suffer. Having an event planning team will make this process much easier.
Developing the calendar is the easy part, but event planning is much more than that. Once the event is on the calendar, do you have the capability to carry that event out? Having a staff dedicated to event planning and coordinating can help you do that.

Let SFM Help With Your Event Planning And Facility Management

Facility management encompasses so much that for a facility manager, it can seem overwhelming. So why not let the professionals at SFM help? Contact us today at (727) 483-7910 or visit our website for more information.

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