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How Your Sports Complex Design Can Be More Fun

Example of sports complex design with a basketball court

Sports Complex Design: Making Your Complex More Fun

Contrary to popular belief, sports are supposed to be fun, especially youth sports. There are several fairly easy–and fairly cheap–ways to make your sports league more fun. Many of those things will have to do with your complex. As you manage your youth sports league and maybe even consider designing a facility, sports complex design should play a major role. The Sports Facilities Advisory and Sports Facilities Management blog is here to tell you how your sports complex design can make your sports league more fun for the participants.

Making Your Participants Feel Like Pros

In downtown Kansas City, there is a complex called the College Basketball Experience. The College Basketball Experience is a museum of the history of college basketball, complete with interactive games and activities. It also features several basketball courts, including a main court where youth leagues play. This main court includes an oversized LED scoreboard, official scorers table, and LED lighting for introductions.
Players that play on this court feel like the professionals, which is a feeling that you cannot overvalue with young athletes. It is also something that you can make possible through your sports complex design. Everything from the exterior of your complex to the stain of your courts will make a difference in the eyes of a young athlete who wants play on the same style courts as his favorite player.
This is true in every youth sport. Young baseball players dream of playing in the Little League World Series because the fields look like Major League fields. Young football dream of playing on turf because NFL players play on turf. Even the most subtle sports complex design elements can enhance a kid’s sports experience for the better.

How To Make Participants Feel Like Pros

This is the more extensive question. As far as the exterior of your complex, the more it looks like a big time sports arena or field, the better. And if it can be indoors, make it an indoor facility. We are all for the outdoors here at SFA and SFM, but young athletes, especially football and baseball players, love playing inside. Why? Well, because only professional football and baseball players play indoors and on turf.
There are also little design elements that can make all the difference. Having nice scorers tables, scoreboards, dugouts and even lights will make any kid’s experience playing sports better. Most kids that perform at your facility will never get to play at Yankee Stadium or The Big House, so this will likely be their best chance to feel like their favorite athlete while playing their sport.

Let SFA and SFM Help with Sports Complex Design

At SFA and SFM, our goal is to help you make sports facility dream into a reality, through our strategic planning and funding services as well as our project management and turn-key management services. We want to work with your sports complex design to make it the most appealing complex in the area. Contact us today at (727) 474-4476 or visit our website for more information.

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