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How to Make Your Baseball Sports Facility the Best in the Area

A baseball field sports facility

Sports Facilities: Making Your Baseball Field the Best in the Area

A baseball complex is one of the busiest year-round youth sports facilities there is. With more youth baseball games being played year-round than any other sport, having a baseball facility that teams want to play at will help your sports facility get more business. To do that, you have to draw teams in, especially when it comes to higher level teams from leagues like USSSA. The Sports Facilities Advisory blog wants to help you make your sports facility one that teams want to play at.

Keeping Your Fields in Peak Condition

While shiny amenities help to draw in teams, the thing coaches and players look for the most in your baseball fields is their condition. Finding youth baseball fields that are high quality isn’t easy and they are in high demand. Making sure that you invest in quality grass and dirt. Keeping up with the fields as the season goes on will keep teams coming back to your sports facilities every year. Coaches may not give enough credit when a field is in great condition, but they will definitely remember when the field is in bad condition. And if that is the case, they won’t be back the next time they need to find a tournament to play in.
Keeping your fields healthy is more time consuming than it is difficult. Keeping the outfield in tip-top shape over the course of a summer can be as easy as mowing and watering regularly. While the dirt is more complicated, it is still doable. One thing coaches and players appreciate is watering and dragging the dirt in between each game. Even if your dirt is in great condition it will get hard and uneven as games go on if you don’t do this. Coaches won’t be very forgiving if a hard infield leads to a bad hop which leads to an infielder with a bloody nose. And if you want to keep everybody on your good side, take care of your mounds and batter’s boxes. The quickest way to have teams angry with you is if there are holes dug into each batter’s box and on the pitcher’s mound because they weren’t tamped after each game. Keeping clay on hand is an easy way to avoid this problem

Making Your Fields Nicer than the Competition

Keeping your sports facility functioning will definitely help you get business, but adding shiny features will make them excited to play at your field. Baseball players probably love where they play more than any other athletes and having nice features will make them love your fields. The biggest, and easiest, feature that your sports facility should have is high quality dugouts and bullpens. A good bullpen is a pitcher’s best friend, but is rare with youth baseball. That is even more true with dugouts, as players are used to a rich-man’s cage as a dugout. Having nice benches, bat and helmet racks, and water coolers will go a long way. If you want to go the extra mile, install space heaters and mist machines for games with more extreme temperatures.
Another great (but also more expensive) feature is adding indoor batting cages. Coaches and players love this feature because it allows them to get out of the heat while they wait for their next game to start. While it is more expensive, you can also open up your batting cage to the public during the week for reps and training.

Let Sports Facilities Advisory Help

Sports Facilities Advisory exists to make your sports facility the best sports facility in your area. We want to help you make a baseball complex that is the best in the business and we will help you throughout the whole process. For more information, contact us at (727) 474-4476 or visit our website today.

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