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Some Basics for a Business Plan

Business plan.

Some Basics for a Business Plan

A good business plan can provide a solid foundation for the future of any project. Having a detailed business plan from the outset can make all the difference when it comes time to start building your sports facility or event center. It can also help avoid unexpected roadblocks once the doors finally open. What needs to be included in a business plan? Sports Facilities Advisory can offer some insight into the basic steps that should be included in a business plan and how to approach them.

Formal or Informal?

If you are about to start putting together a business plan, you need to decide whether it is a formal plan or an informal one. Here is the difference between the two:


A formal business plan is a detailed plan typically used for outside parties such as investors or partners.


An informal business plan is for internal use, particularly by the owner, as a roadmap for the direction of their business.

Planning Purpose

Your first step is to identify the purpose of your business. Start by establishing a basic philosophy for what the business is, whom it is intended to serve, and services your business will provide. By doing this, you are providing a clear guideline for others who review the business plan in the future. Having a clear understanding of your purpose from the outset is one of the crucial factors of success.

Profile and Business Summary

A business profile gives a broader overall picture of the business and the market in which it will operate. Your business profile offers a summary that includes a brief history, services offered, target markets, and much more. Remember that even a long-established business can develop a new or revised business profile and that this information can help to achieve renewed focus and direction.

Include a Marketing Plan

Your business plan should include details about the purposes and goals of your business, but it should also contain details about how you intend to market what you offer. Whether it is for a sport-specific complex or a general recreational facility or community center, include the details of how you intend to appeal to customers. This should also include how you plan to adapt should markets or demand change.

Start Your Planning Properly with Sports Facilities Advisory

If this is your first time planning a sports complex or recreation facility, putting together the business plan alone can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Sports Facilities Advisory is here to help. Our team of advisors and professionals has helped inexperienced and seasoned owners alike to plan, fund, build, and advance facilities. Contact our sports complex funding and planning team today.

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