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Pool Features That Make A Recreation Center Marketable

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Most Marketable Pool Features For Recreation Centers

A swimming pool is among one of the most attractive and principal features of a recreation center. They invite customers of all ages with their versatility of entertainment and offer a use for the facility for people who may not frequently utilize the other components. In other words, having an engaging aquatic center can make your sports complex much more marketable, thus attracting you a lot more business. What does it take to make a swimming pool appealing and welcoming to consumers of all personalities? Sports Facility Management has looked into some of the most popular elements of trendy swimming pools and how they correlate with different demographics. Read on to learn how these different attributes can further increase the value of your company and better your understanding of facility management.

In-Water Playground

Having a miniature playpark inside the pool at your recreation center is a perfect way to accommodate to the small children who can’t quite swim yet, but still want to cool off in the water. Items such as tumbling buckets or spraying rings are a tremendous way for parents and small children to stay busy. Knowing that a swimming pool has child-friendly play areas makes it that much easier for families to decide to spend the day at your sports facility since they know their little one will be safe and occupied.

Water Slide

Having an eccentric water slide is a fantastic way to attract older children and teenagers to your recreation center. This demographic tends to be a bit more experienced with water activities and enjoys thrill-seeking experiences. Having a large, colorful water slide also makes your aquatic center look more expansive, which can translate to other areas of your sports facility. Though water slides may be perceived as being somewhat dangerous, proper facility management will help prevent any accidents from happening.

Lap Pool

A separate area for swimming laps is a great feature for luring fitness enthusiasts or those looking for a creative workout. Being able to swim laps is not an easily obtainable option for many people, so customers are sure to flock to your recreation center if they know that the choice is available. Furthermore, having a lap pool in your aquatic center opens up the option of hosting swim meets at your venue, which means more business for your sports facility. Although a rather basic asset, having a lap pool can go a long way for the marketability of your firm.

Lazy River

A lazy river, or an area with a gentle-flowing current, is a great feature for the guest that wants to relax at your recreation center. Users of this feature can lie on an inflatable tube and drift throughout the water at their leisure. This facet is superb in attracting an older demographic who are primarily interested in using your sports facility as an environment for unwinding.

Contact Sports Facility Management for More Information on Increasing the Marketability of Your Recreation Center

Incorporating these various attributes into your swimming pool can greatly increase the scope of your recreation center. Customers are more likely to talk about your sports facility and suggest it to their peers if they are aware of the range of features at hand. For more information on making your sports complex more marketable or bettering your facility management skills, Contact Sports Facility Management at 727-474-3845.

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